Why Do You Hear Those Strange Noises?

Furnace Service Technicians Explain

There are lots of noises you hear in your home from different devices, but those specifically coming from your furnace are usually a sign of trouble. If the whole house is quiet and you listen carefully, you might hear some strange noises coming from your heating system. Furnace service technicians explain:

Let’s first define what we call normal and abnormal noises. There is a suitable amount of noise that comes from the home furnace when it runs. It could be the sound of the home furnace lighting, air moving through the air ducts, or the condenser unit buzzing. However, other noises pose more of a threat. Why do they happen?

Each time your system switches on, the parts in your furnace bear stress and wear. Over time, these parts charge. So, those unusual sounds could be a result of corrosion or cracks in the drain pans, rubber bands dry out and splinter, fire exchangers glue shut, or when the air filters fill. There are so many other problems that can occur, such as worn or damaged wires, frozen evaporator coils, and more. As a result of all these situations, noises happen, and they indicate that your furnace needs checking by a licensed technician.

Sometimes, you might hear screeching noises that come from the furnace cavity when metal parts rub against one another. Generally, the screeching noise comes from the blower motor. The wheel to the blower motor may have become loose. Wheezing sounds occur when the furnace filter is filthy. A clean filter allows the maximum amount of air to enter for heating and air conditioning. However, a dirty air filter creates resistance and limits the amount of air squeezing through it. Banging noises happen when the nuts and bolts of your heating system become loose.

To save your home from a costly replacement, invest in regular home furnace service. When these issues are solved early, you will have a healthy home furnace that lasts beyond its years. Contact Rio Air, LLC at (956) 787-1705. We are situated in Pharr, TX.

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